Who Am I? Get To Know The Blogger Better

Hello again! It’s been a while since I have sat down to type up a post, so I thought, “What better time than to do a “‘get to know me better'” kind of post?”

It’s one thing to read a good post, discover a new tip, or get some inspiration from some random, cute blog, but it’s another to actually know a little bit about who’s typing up the posts you love. When you know the blogger, it makes reading the content even better.

Since this is so important, I’ve decided to sit down and share a post about myself. If you’d like, you are more than welcome to visit my about page here for some quick facts (I need to update them a little!) or just keep reading to learn more. Hope you enjoy!

Hello, there!

The Basics:

Hello again, my name is Nyah! I live in a family of seven: two sisters, two adorable orange and white striped cats, and my mom and dad.

I am a Christian and I love to share inspirational posts: Here is my first Monday Motivational if you’re interested!

I just love good quotes (which I find on Pinterest and save to this board,) and I also love music, organization, certain kinds of cleaning :), being creative, baking, cooking, menu planning, and get-togethers!

Going on two and a half years ago, my family and I moved near Columbus, Ohio and it was then, right after we moved here, that I first began to explore Graphic Design, Blogging, and WordPress.com!

I would be happy to avoid anything with fish, math, or lots of germs, but I am always up for strategy games, Hallmark, action, and comedy movies, spending time with friends and family, or working on another website or Canva project. 🙂

I’m 18 years old and will be graduating this year. I am currently deciding what I’d like to do after high school is over, but I’d love to teach at our co-op, am exploring job ideas, and am interested in teaching, business, and graphic design as possible degree options. We’ll see!

Haha! Me being silly. Everyone’s got a silly selfie, right?

My Hobbies:

I guess I already touched on some of these, but now I get a whole space dedicated for hobbies, so here goes!I absolutely love sewing up new zippy pouches! I have so many lying around the house filled with lip gloss or pens and even hidden under a stack of fabric. I love sewing, so whenever I meet a new piece of pretty fabric, I’m automatically thinking about how cute it would be on a zipper pouch, a pillow case, a pair of pajama shorts, or some other project. Yep, that me with the mile high stack of floral fabric at Joanne. 😉

Sewed this up not too long ago. It’s a cute little pouch for makeup, earbuds and notebook, tablet, etc.

Being in the kitchen cooking has been a hobby ever since I was little. I’m so blessed to have so many talented cooks in my family who taught and inspired me to be in the kitchen baking or cooking. I adore the Nestle chocolate chip cookie recipe, love finding quick bread recipes, and love chopping onions. The smell and warmth of the kitchen when food is cooking is honestly the best. Some days I’ll make mac n’ cheese over the stove in the middle of the day because I’m A. cold, B. I love pasta, or C. It smells so good. Maybe it’s all three.

Drawing is another hobby, however, I wan to save talking about that much because am planning to write a post about it and share lots of pictures of my character drawings which I love. So stay tuned for that post!

Some of character drawings!
A close-up of one of my characters. These are all original illustrations along with some of my favorite drawing tools! My goal is that these little characters will make you smile! 🙂

Graphic Design is next on the list. Oh, and as much as I could on with hobbies, I promise, this will be last one for now. Anyway, I am planning to write a post about how I got interested in Graphic Design, so I don’t want to go to detailed right now. However, I do wan to say that I really enjoy it! I’ve been able to use this hobby for my blog design and graphics, to create some wall art printables that I sold at a craft fair, and to create a Bible Journal for myself among many other things. I’ve considered selling some of my designs, teaching a beginner Canva class, or offering design services, but I haven’t decided on any of that yet.

I designed this quote printable with Canva! If you’re interested in downloading it, you’ll find the post here!
I used this grey sweater mockup from a printing company to put my “make it happen” quote design on. I would love to get some stuff printed!

Do I Have Any Nicknames?

  • Nyah Papaya. 🙂

Places You’ll Find Me:

  • Joanne, cute down towns, thrift shopping (I love Goodwill,) and the library. I LOVE going to the library! It’s kind of funny…I’m not big into reading but I do get books out on crafts, recipes, motivation, organizing, etc. I really love going to use the big computers and the quiet space.

Whew! That was kind of a long post! I had a lot of fun writing it though, and I hope you have a lot of fun reading it and getting to know me a little better!

If you enjoyed this post, have any questions, you share some similarities, or if there’s anything else, comment below and let me know! I look forward to hearing from you!

Have an amazing day everyone!


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