A New Series Introduction

Hello. I am a fan of Kate from the Small Things blog. I love discovering products and resources. I love finding new, cool stuff. So I’m making this post. LOL!

Yeah…so I’m not quite sure what that was back there, but it does lead me right into today’s post for sure.

Have you ever visited her blog and discovered the links + loves posts? Awesome idea and I’ve seen plenty of bloggers doing that type of post. Since I love the idea so much, I also am going to attempt and “links + loves” type post every so often.

I find/enjoy/wish for so many things, and I thought it would be a great way to share what I’m finding with you in one post every now and then.

So this is sort of an introduction to the “series.” Keep your eye out for the first one which will be appearing very soon on this blog, Blogger Belle!

If you have time, I would love some feedback on what you think I should call this series too! Simply leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to check out your idea for the name.

Have a happy Monday all!!!


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