Natural Ways To Get Better When You’re Sick

Hey, hey! Hope you are having a great weekend! I’ve been fighting a nasty cold, and decided to share with you some things I do to help relieve and heal my body while I’m sick. Hopefully, you are not in this situation now :), but if you are then I hope this will help you get better quickly!


One of the first things to do is to start drinking liquids. Tea and water are the best! This Throat Coat tea is good as well as green tea and peppermint tea. Drinking orange juice is also good for the vitamin C.

Next, I apply LOTS of essential oils 🙂 Peppermint, Thieves, Eucalyptus, etc. I rub them on with jojoba oil onto my neck, chest, ears (if they hurt), and forehead. I use Young Living Oils.

Eat PLENTY of healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, packaged chicken noodle soup, jello, and juice are delicious, but be sure to include fruits and veggies into your diet.

REST! REST! REST! This is so important. Sleep on the couch. Your bed. The living room chair. Wherever! But rest is so important, and will help your body heal quicker. (If you’re tired of sleeping but can’t get up and do much, watching your favorite is always an option :))

Take lots of hot showers and baths. This feels really good and helps relax your achy muscles. Plus, feeling clean and having freshly washed hair makes you feel better.

Obviously, there are many other ways to help get rid of sickness, but these are a couple of the main things I do to help my body recover and heal.

What is your favorite way to help yourself get better? Comment below and share your tip below! I’d love to hear about it!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Natural Ways To Get Better When You’re Sick

  1. Great ideas! I’ve been sick for months. I’ve caught everything that’s come around, so these are nice to have. I’m definitely ingesting an insane amount of tea and taking a LOT of hot baths. Gotta keep that immune system going!

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    • I’m so sorry you have been sick the last couple of months! I’m glad that you found this helpful. I am finally feeling better but it came with tons of baths and cups of tea as well ☺ Hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful day! 💙

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  2. I am really sick these past few days and I am so thankful that I came across your blogs. I tried drinking hot tea alreadyyyy. Feels good. I recently started my blog about self love and skincare and lifestyle .It would mean the world to me if you would just look at my blog though I don’t post much as I have just started it but please stay hooked and I promise I will post good blogs soon. Thank you for reading my comment

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    • So happy I could help! I hope you feel better quickly and that these tips will help you feel better! I would also be happy to check out your blog and follow it! I am always excited to find new blogs. Good luck…you’ll do amazing!


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