Free Printable Wall Art Quote

Hello! Today I’m sharing a pretty wall art printable. Although Spring is not here yet, it will be soon, and this quote is nice for any season. Hope you like it!




Here is the link to download your own copy. Enjoy, and have a great day!








Delicious Topping Ideas

I love salads, and there are so many delicious flavor and topping options. Here are just a few:

Blue cheese, cranberries, finely sliced cucumber with basic vinaigrette or creamy Italian

Sliced deli meat, provolone, tomatoes, bacon bits, onions, banana peppers with ranch or italian

Pepperoni, provolone, banana peppers, olives, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, with ranch or Italian

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, with Asian ginger plum dressing

Broccoli, onion, sun dried tomatoes, with basic lemon vinaigrette

Those are just a couple ideas I had, but there are many more. If you have a favorite salad, let me know! I’d love to here. Y’all have a great day!


Graphic Design Software

Hello! Hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to share with you the graphic design software I found and like so far. It’s called Canva, and you can check it out here:

I really like how many free options there are, and I’m just going to stick with that right now, but you can also pay to get the Premium, and you’ll get even more cool stuff! It has plenty of templates, pictures, shapes, etc. If you don’t love the pics it has, there is also a spot to download your own favorite photos or stock photos.

I know there are several other graphic designing software out there, but so far I’m happy with what Canva has to offer. If you have a favorite software, please let me know. I’d love to here. 😉

Have a great Monday!


I found a really great tool that has been very helpful for me as I’m blogging and writing on the computer. It’s called Grammarly, and you can use it free or get the Premium upgrade. I’ve found it to be very useful because it has punctuation and spelling checks. 😉

You can either type right on their site, and they will save your work, or you can have it put on all your computer. That means it would give you grammar checks whenever you type (emails, blogging, etc.)

Although this isn’t huge, it can be a helpful little blogging tool. If you’ve heard about it, or you use it already, let me know what you think of it. If you haven’t heard about it yet, then you can definitely try it today. Hope this helpful!

My Favorite Beauty Blog

Hello, all! I’m here to talk to you about my favorite beauty blogger right now… That is Kate from She has such nice tutorials and videos, not to mention great tips and ideas.

Her blog is really focused on hair, make-up, and fashion, but she also has some other fun stuff as well, such as her family, recipes, etc. You should definitely check her out!

She has been blogging since 2011, and she has tons of really nice hairstyles ranging from long to short, curly to straight, and every day to dressed-up. She includes gorgeous updos, braids, buns, and curls, so I’m sure you could find something you like!

In terms of make-up, there are so many products she has used, and she has a lot of different looks you can try. She also has some videos on that as well. As a bonus, if you want to try out any of the make-up or hair products, and also clothes options, she has plenty of links below or in her posts.

Her fashion and wardrobe ideas are also nice, and you might find something you like there. She has also tried out some clothing from and from, too. Basically, those companies send you clothes and you can try them out. Keep what you love, and return what you don’t like!

Hope this has inspired you to check her out, and I hope you like what you see there. Let me know if you have a favorite post from her blog, and have a great day!