I Write Because

I write because… it’s fun! I have a lot of “hobbies,” and blogging is really a great way to share the knowledge and ideas you have with other people. It always inspires me to visit other blogs where there are so many ideas and projects ready to try.

I write because it improves my skill, and I enjoy the “work” involved. I had thought about blogging for a while, but when I finally decided to mess around with it, It turned out to be really cool. I also enjoy the web design part, too, because I have liked the idea of trying that as well.

I write because there is a lot to talk about, and so many cool things to try! I love watching organizational videos and trying their tips out at home. I have been making several zippy pouches as an easy sewing project, and something I would like to try making would be macaroons. They look so tasty and pretty at the same time. (Once I find a recipe and try them out at home, maybe I’ll share the recipe with you! If you have a recipe for them that you like, you can also leave a link or recipe in the comment spot.) 😉

Have a great day!



To All The Crafty Gals Out There

Hello! I’m super excited to start sharing some creative craft projects with you all. I love being able to check out blogs and find inspiration and tips for my next project, and I’m hoping this will be a great one for you, too. My hope is to have a nice variety of projects like sewing, Diy, watercolor, etc. I will also share plenty of links to fun resources, other blogs, websites, and deals so that you can have as much fun as possible!

One of my favorite sewing projects right now has been super simple zippy pouches. I am hoping to post a tutorial on how to make them soon. (If you’re interested…) 🙂

Here are a couple of blogs I like related to crafting: ( I may add as I find new ones).

Melissa Jacie

It’s Always Autumn

Melly Sews  (lots of pretty clothing patterns!)

Of course, there’s always good old Pinterest which leads you to lots of neat blogs!

I would also love it if you comment and let me know If you have any favorite crafting blog(s)or if you have a blog yourself. You can also let me know if you know of any cool crafting lines or products. I’d love to hear about them!

I hope you enjoy what you see here, and that you’ll get lots of inspiration. Enjoy, and happy crafting!





Super Easy Zippy Pouch Tutorial

Hi, everybody! I wanted to share a super quick sewing tutorial which I use a lot and love. It is an easy zippy pouch tutorial. Once you get a hang of things, these can be banged out in no time flat.

These directions use a 9″ zipper, which means that’s approximately how wide it will be. But you can alter the directions and make it whatever width you like. I first discovered this kind of tutorial from the book: We Love To Sew: 28 Pretty Things to Make by Annabel Wrigley. You can buy your own copy of this great book on amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C7WSECA/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 Hope you enjoy!
Here’s what you’ll need:
2 pieces of front fabric 9″ by whatever length you’d like
2 pieces of inner fabric 9″ by the same length as front fabric
1 9″ zipper (whatever color you like)
Basic sewing items (sewing machine, pins, scissors, etc.)
Optional: zipper foot
Optional: yarn or ribbon for zipper pull
Ok. So start by placing your outer piece right side facing down, then grab the inside piece and lay it directly over top the outer piece; right side up. Repeat for other two fabrics.

The next step is to use your iron and fold in a quarter of an inch toward the inside of the fabric. (the inner layer). Make sure keep the two fabrics together.  Repeat to the other layer as well.

Now it is time to sew! Grab your zipper and lay the right side of the fabric against the outer edge of the zipper, making sure it is even on both of the sides. Pin. Do this to the other side of the zipper as well, only with the other layer of fabric. Sew fabric to zipper.Go ahead and sew both sides together. If you have a zipper foot, then this is the ideal way to sew the zipper on. See your owner’s manual for directions on how to use the zipper foot. Now if you don’t have a zipper foot, that’s ok! Simply sew carefully along the edge of the zipper as close as you can get. The tricky part is not letting the needle get off the zipper around the zipper pull part. Just be careful when you get there. If you have trouble with the zipper, just be patient. You’ll get it!

The next step is pretty easy. If the zipper is not already unzipped, then go ahead and unzip it almost all the way. Leave about 2″ from the end still zipped. Turn inside out and pin. Make sure to line everything up. Now go ahead and sew all three sides, leaving the zipper end open. make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end. Snip the bottom corners, and turn right side out, poking all corners out.

You are pretty much done now. As an optional touch, you can add something like ribbon or a tassel to the zipper pull for some extra fun. And that’s it. Hope you enjoy these easy, bright, pouches as much as I do! Enjoy!


Try a quilted version
Sew two fabrics together to make an even cooler outer fabric
Box out the bottoms for a more sturdy base
Stiffen it up by using fusible web between the two layers of fabric
If you have any other ideas for these zippy pouches, comment below. I’d love to hear them!
( As a side note: I hope to put pictures on this tutorial very soon to make easier. For now, I hope I explained it well enough).;)

My First blog post

Hi, everyone! I’m super excited to see how this blog grows this year. I hope to have many fun posts and creative crafts, recipes, tips and tricks, etc. I’ve also been wanting to try making some printables so I might be able to get some on here for you to print at some point soon! Right now, I love sewing, organizing, baking, and other hands-on activities so it will include a lot of that kind of stuff. I hope this blog will be helpful to many people, and that it will give you some creative ideas and things to try. Hope you enjoy!!!